History of Growth Hacking


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Don’t Break RSS – It’s Not Dead

TL;DR; Too many people change their RSS feeds. Lots of lost potential.

Google, Reeder, & Feedly oh my!

Even “Marketers” Suck at this

During this process I noticed only 3-4 of the sites that switched RSS feeds had all their old articles on their new feed. The sad thing is many of these sites were in my marketing (seo, cpc, conversion) folder.

How many people go through their RSS list and clean it up and take this amount of time? Not many.

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If you are going to switch your RSS make sure to do a special post warning people.

PS – I did cut about 100 (40/60 bad content/abandoned sites)

Google Reader debacle could help cement Facebook over Google+

As everyone know Google is killing Google Reader.

Google Screws Opportunity

Imagine if Google had transitioned Reader into Google+ and added the RSS feeds directly into peoples profile. It would have caused at least some portion of the population

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to use Google+ (more actively or for the first time) that currently don’t.

Facebook’s Opportunity

If I were Zuckerberg – I’d build in an RSS reader into Facebook. What could Facebook get out of a reader:

The Missing Feature

Frankly, it seems like RSS is a duh missing option that should be built into social networking.

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WoW Landed Me a Job: Hobby Networking Works

Here is the story of how I got my current job.

I am a reformed WoW player, but not before I was part of the Warlord Grind (in vanilla WoW). I was a sad man with little life. My typical day looked something like:

We had a system for farming honor. It was an insane grind. I believe in gamification because I have seen myself fall victim to its charms, but that’s for another post.

The Conversation that Started it All

One night we had a presentation at school. I stayed late after the presentation. When Tchyk logged in late that night. One of the other characters, Xelor started the conversation with:

Xelor Why are you on so late?
Tchyk I was doing a presentation on commercialization of technology [insert boring business topic I can't remember].
Xelor My company, Mintek could use some help with that
Chris [quickly googles mintek]
Tchyk Umm, you guys are in Dunedin? I’m going to USF.
Xelor Yeah, I live in Oldsmar.
Tchyk I live in Palm Harbor.

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Xelor We should have lunch.

Seriously what are the odds that someone I play 20-40 hours a week ends up living 10 minutes away?

Nice Guy or Asshole?

Now my potential future boss didn’t really know much about me other than I was driven (as evidenced by having a full time job, going to grad school for 2 degrees, and doing the Warlord grind) – but he took a shot and hired me on as a consultant.

He took me around the office when I first got there. He introduced me to 5 different people as Tchyk (not my real name). Turns out I played with most of the techies at the company and didn’t know it. One guy said to me, “[Xelor] told me he was bringing [Tchyk] in and I thought – that guy could be a serial axe murderer.”

Tchyk was both the best and worst of my personality. It was me screaming in a microphone at 39 other players trying to organize and demolish the competition in Alterac Valley. I was a mediocre player at best. But, I had a knack for the strategy, a loud voice, a little bit of credibility on the server, & the capacity to organize the queueing before cross-server battlegrounds (a pain).

At one point we even had people from 2-3 other servers on our vent server. We had them script a macro that said something along the lines of “Its the Lightning’s Blade Organized AV!!!! Do what the leader says.” All I did during the event was press a combination of different macros to tell people what to do. The people who were in Vent would receive an earful.

Why Hire a Screaming Lunatic Axe Murderer?

I like to think it was because we won a lot. In reality, it was because I was a nerd who played with other nerds and it was a chance conversation that led to a lunch meeting. During that lunch meeting, we talked strategy and I proved that I really wasn’t just a pimply faced video game nerd.

World of Warcraft Was My Hobby. Your Hobby Can Get You A Job Too.

How do I know this? One of my best friends was a tennis coach after graduating with his Masters in Economics. He got his first professional job from… one of his tennis clients. His first job: M&A consulting.


Nerd gets job by doing nerd things and talking to other nerds. Treat every networking opportunity (not just professional) as a networking opportunity.


It was great getting to know the real people at Mintek behind the characters on WoW:

Xelor – Jerimi Ford, CTO
Woohaa – Jason Pappolla, Network Administrator
Nadaj – Bruce Knapp, Mobile Developer
Druiden – Fred Johnson, Senior Developer
Dekz – Jacob Lafond, Tech Support
Nukk – Richie Kriever, Tech Support

I had to ask these guys what their characters names were. One guy said, “Are we starting again?” I swear he sounded like he missed it. I can’t imagine playing it or anything like it again.


I was inspired to write this story by seeing this article about someone running for office being crucified for what they said in WoW. I guess I should just go ahead and apologize to anyone I screamed at too much.