Found out how this got published (it was just a placeholder to consider writing in the future). I was hacked by a pharmacy spammer. Here is the whole of it since this was published. History of Growth Hacking

TL;DR; Too many people change their RSS feeds. Lots of lost potential. Google, Reeder, & Feedly oh my! Google Reader Died Used Reeder (mac app) Switched to Feedly because it was easiest (auto-import all feeds for Google) Feedly has had a rough week Bought a new version of Reeder to go local Decided to cull

As everyone know Google is killing Google Reader. Google Screws Opportunity Imagine if Google had transitioned Reader into Google+ and added the RSS feeds directly into peoples profile. It would have caused at least some portion of the population to use Google+ (more actively or for the first time) that currently don’t. Facebook’s Opportunity If